2 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Spectacular Oceanview Vacation Rental

Mirabella sits atop Windy Hill overlooking The Valley/Spanish Town and provides beautiful views of the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Gorda Peak.  Windy Hill gets it's name from the cool trade winds that are a constant.  The 2 bedrooms sleep six, and are separated by the tastefully decorated, spacious living quarters. The East bedroom, with a king bed has an ensuite bath which includes a sunken stone shower. The West bedroom, has 1 king bed and a twin over twin bunk bed. The second bath is immediately outside this room. 

All rooms open through screened, sliding glass doors onto a 75' deck. This offers a shady oasis with a feeling of openness to the outdoors. It is wonderful to simply sit on the deck and be mesmerized by the enchanting, ever-changing sunsets which add to the romance and magic of the island. For your comfort all rooms have vaulted ceilings with ceiling fans. Mirabella is the perfect spot for couples & families to relax and enjoy life!


The home has a fully-equipped kitchen, and offers many additional amenities. Our excellent staff is on call for the ease and enjoyment of your stay.

  • ceiling fans
  • linens provided
  • towels provided
  • safe
  • alarm clock
  • hair dryer
  • 2 porto cribs
  • telephone
  • stove top burners
  • oven
  • coffee maker
  • refrigerator
  • freezer
  • lobster pot
  • spices
  • microwave
  • blender
  • coffee grinder
  • washing machine
  • cooking utensils
  • toaster
  • iron & board
  • dining area
  • child's highchair
  • seating for 6 people

  • TV
  • stereo system (radio/CD/Ipod)
  • games 
  • cable TV
  • radio
  • toys 
  • books
  • DVD
  • WIFI
  • internet access
  • balcony
  • parking
  • outdoor grill
  • For couples or families
  • housekeeper optional
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