Getting There and Around


One of the best things about Virgin Gorda is that it is slightly off the beaten path. This mean that, there will be days when you have a pristine beach all to yourself, it also means it takes a slight effort to get there.  Don’t worry!!!  It is well worth it.

You can either fly directly from San Juan to Virgin Gorda or you can fly to Tortola or St Thomas and take the ferry over.

*Air Sunshine and Seaborne Airlines both fly from from San Juan (SJU) to Virgin Gorda (VIJ)

*You can fly directly to Beef Island, Tortola (EIS) and take the 30 minute North Sound Express ((284)495-2138) to Spanish Town.  (Flights to Tortola usually connect through San Juan (SJU))

*You can fly to St Thomas, USVI (STT) and take the 1hour and 45 minute Speedy's ferry to Spanish Town.  

Both options take about the same amount of time, depending on connections. 

Getting to Mirabella

Once you have arrived on Virgin Gorda, Mirabella is a 5 minute car ride from the ferry dock and airport.  

If you have prearranged a car rental, they will meet you at the ferry dock or the airport with your car.

If you need a taxi you can have your ferry company call for one before leaving Tortola or St Thomas.  You can call for a taxi from the airport. 

Car Rental and Taxi Service 

There are many car rental agencies on Virgin Gorda.  We usually use L & S taxi and rentals ((284) 495-5297).